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Hotels in Birmingham City Centre

When searching for hotels in Birmingham city centre you will come across a wide range to choose from and you will eventually narrow down to a few based on their price, location and accessibility, decor, comfortness, reputation and availability.  On most occasions you will end up compromising on something and end up settling for second best.  Birmingham is rich with many hotels, each unique with there own characteristics and features they offer but it can prove difficult to get a good balanced package in one.

Why stay in Birmingham Hotels?

Birmingham has currently been busy in developing new hotels in the city centre such as the newly lanched stylish La Tour and EnCore.  But the city has not been shy of luxury hotels in the past hosting some of the most popular names in the world such as the Hyatt, Marriot and Radisson SAS.

The word "Hotel" has been a buzz word for centuries, associated with a luxury lifestyle, a chance to put your feet up and relax, order room service, have your room cleaned on a daily basis on request and pampered yourself with the amentiies and hotel services that are available on offer.  Today the hotel industry has changed, they have become more affordable for the majority of the public with rooms starting at £29 per night; the word "luxury" which was once closely associated with most hotels has now become a category.  The price of a hotel room will of course come with a compromise in space, the lavish decor, comfortness of the beds, sofas or chairs, quality and finish on the bathroom appliances, in room facilities, availability of room service, conceirge service and much more.

Our research suggests that most of us assume hotels are quick and easy to check in to and out and it is more practical for a short stay.  This is very true but most of us dont realise  that it is equally as quick, easy and practical to use serviced apartments.

Comfort Zone - The Luxury Alternative to Hotels Birmingham

Our accommodation is regarded as the closest alternative to hotels birmingham for the following reasons:

  • Quick and Easy check in/out,
  • Luxury decor and modern contemporary furnishings,
  • Superior quality beds with comfortable mattress, duvet and pillows,
  • Clean, polished quality bathroom and appliances,
  • City centre location close to all the bars and clubs, restaurants, conference centres, theatres, shopping malls, train and bus stations,
  • Secure on-site parking,
  • Contintental breakfast on request,
  • Spacious accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen,
  • on-suite bedrooms also available with a separate bathroom,
  • Balcony and/or opening windows


Comfort Zone Location

Our Birmingham Hotel alternative accommodation is located in the city centre near Broad Street, The Mail box, ICC, NIA, Brindley Place, Hippodrome, New Street Station and The Bull ring.  The location is ideally located in close prominity to all the main city centre attractions for your convenience.